Pacific Homes Inspection

We are the Leading Property Inspection Service in the San Francisco Bay Area

Base Price is $300.00

Next take the size of your house in square feet and multiply it by .09

Add this together to arrive at your total price.

For example:

Base price                                            = $300.00

+ 2500 s/f house (2500 x .09)       = $225.00

Total price                                  = $525.00

Another example:

Base price                                          = $300.00

+ 1500 s/f house (1500 x .09)     = $135.00

Total price                                = $435.00

Attached small Apartments, Condos and Mobile Homes under 900 s.f. (no crawlspace, no attic) are $300.00.

Attached small Apartments, Condos and Mobile Homes under 700 s.f. (no crawlspace, no attic) are $250.00.

Detached homes under 700 s.f. are $300.00.

Commercial property is priced the same as residential up to 10,000 s.f.. Over 10,000 s.f. will be priced at .09 x square foot.

Reinspection for sellers with a new report issued or addendum added to original report after repairs to property have been completed: $150.00

$100.00 will be charged if inspector has to return to the home for a reinspection due to any areas that were inaccessible.

$30.00 will be charged for any returned check.

Swimming Pool inspection is $50.00 extra.

If the pump system needs to be turned on for inspection:

A.) The owner needs to be there or,

B.) The system needs to be running

Also any mileage over 50 miles from Pleasant Hill (based on Google map distances) is $1.00/mile.

Payment should be made at time of inspection by cash or check. Credit cards accepted- Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card.

A 10% senior (over 65) discount is available. This is not in addition to other discounts offered.

A typical 1500 s.f. homes takes approximately 2 to 3 hours depending on crawlspace and attic. Larger homes will take more time.

Turn around time for inspection reports is usually within 24 hours.